Advantages of Wordpress

Other costs associated with WordPress are premium themes (the skin or look of your website) and any premium plugins. If you install WordPress where your site is located then there would be conflicts, you would either want to create a staging site or a local installation then replace your active site. Simple, Straightforward, And Easy To Use. Today, WordPress is used by 31,9% of all the websites, that is a content management system market share of 59,4%.

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What are advantages of using WordPress?

Join 35,513 other subscribers Back in 2001, B2-Cafelog was launched by French programmer Michel Valdrighi as a blogging platform using PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and MySQL (an open-source relational database management system). Again, remember that this is the ideal setup if you want to fully take advantage of the benefits of WordPress. Many may argue that there are other proprietary software options out there, and some of them offer most of the above benefits, but none of them will offer all at once, and none will rise to the value, flexibility and efficiency of WordPress.

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