How long would it take a developer to learn wordpress?

If you want to create your own plugins and themes and you don't know much about programming, the process will probably take between 3 and 6 months. In general, you'll need to know JavaScript or PHP to create a theme or plugin. If you don't have any programming knowledge, this will naturally take longer. Beginners can learn to use wordpress in 14 days.

To complete advanced tasks you need a learning time of 6 months. You will need 2 years to learn Wordpress to work professionally for clients. WordPress, like baseball, has different levels. Technically you can learn the basics of WordPress in a few hours or days, but becoming an entry-level professional requires more than a year of classes, books, podcasts, blogs, and lots of practice.

You can learn basic WordPress development and programming skills on your own or with the help of a web development course. It can take between 6 and 12 months to acquire the essential knowledge to manage basic WordPress development tasks. Strategically speaking, sites like Squarespace and others directly target Wordpress use cases, because the only sites that Wordpress should really power are the types of sites you can develop on Squarespace for less money. So I'm sure I wouldn't base my career on Wordpress, even if it wasn't a giant code hemorrhoid.

However, I would like to clarify one thing. It is a blog that has been expanded to facilitate other things. If you're looking for shopping carts, WordPress isn't the place to start. Captioned videos are offered for people with hearing impairments, and there is a forum and blog to create more community around you and others who are learning about WordPress.

You'll have the best chance of achieving your own WordPress learning goals if you're aware of the challenges ahead. A crash course in Mayden would be a great idea for people who want to get into PHP and development in general. By the end of the lesson, you'll be a significantly more capable WordPress developer, on future projects that you haven't landed yet. Until the construction of themes, inclusions, plugins and other subtleties is safe, you can expect about 2 years of learning.

The first set of challenges in learning WordPress development has to do with the nature of WordPress as a technical system, and the nature of the technical work of a WordPress developer applied to real projects. Ignore the numbers on the axis, but the X axis is the number of entities and the Y axis is the development work involved. After that, you still have time to master your craft and develop skills to become a fully professional WordPress developer. A full-fledged WordPress developer will have an extensive set of tricks and tools available to be able to finish and complete all the work related to WordPress.

The interesting thing is that the Website Engineer website also offers webinars for a more visual view of the learning process. Although WordPress automatically generates metadata for search engines, it's a good idea to constantly learn about search engine trends and tactics. It's one of the most detailed information manuals you can find when you're trying to learn how to create your own WordPress plugins and sell them. Full WordPress developers will be able to deal with all the front-end (visual) elements of a website, as well as the back-end elements (functionality).

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