Is WordPress Easy for Beginners?

WordPress is renowned for its flexibility and power, yet it is surprisingly easy to use for beginners. It comes with a straightforward control panel with different menu options listed in the sidebar. You can quickly create posts and pages, customize the design of your website, add navigation menus and much more. It all began when Matt developed a new branch of b2 on SourceForge by branching the original concept.

With the help of his friends, he created another version and it was named WordPress. Although there are many other platforms that can be used to create a website, statistics show that WordPress is by far the most popular. In fact, the top 10,000 sites in the world use it more than any other option. Once you start adding content to your WordPress website, you need to understand the difference between posts and pages. If you learn WordPress, you will have more opportunities to create your own themes and plugins that help others grow their businesses.

This has led to the development of a large number of 'plugins', modifications that alter the core functionality of WordPress. Due to its intimidating effect, some beginners tend to start with website builders. Once you have WordPress installed, the main thing you'll want to do is choose a theme that appeals to you and what you want to achieve with your blog. In its early days, WordPress won out not only because of its ease of use, but also because it is open source. WordPress is known to use the PHP language, but it also uses a considerable amount of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for different aspects. We have discussed all the information about what WordPress is, why you should use it, its advantages over other platforms, and even examples of the very large and successful organizations that use it. For detailed instructions on how to install WordPress, see the official guide (opens in a new tab).So, where do you start learning WordPress fast? Although the web is full of videos, blogs and forums about WordPress, this could be the slowest way to learn WordPress.

It will help you if you know some coding languages that the platform uses, but a 1-hour WordPress tutorial on how to build your website will work well. You can also opt for managed WordPress hosting, for a premium fee, by using the experts at your web hosting company to take care of setup and maintenance so you can focus solely on creating your website. This is an incredible resource for finding answers, troubleshooting problems, and learning what comes next with WordPress. A lot of people think that WordPress is only for bloggers, but in reality people use the platform for a variety of types of websites. Unlike software that runs on your computer, WordPress runs directly on your live web server.

Years ago, WordPress was mainly used as a tool for creating a blog rather than more traditional websites.

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