What is wordpress not good for?

They may make it easy to add functionality, but each add-on is priced for performance. Any vulnerability of a website can have a negative impact on your credibility and could spread viruses to your users. You probably already know that wordpress is a blogging platform and without a doubt the best blogging website on the Internet. It offers the user thousands of templates to design their own blog and it is so easy to use that my grandmother, illiterate in technology, could use it (maybe not, but it's very easy to use).

But that's where it should end, it's a blogging platform for a reason, it was never designed to be a CMS (content management system) or to be used for anything other than blogging. Not great for custom web applications If your entire business is online and you need highly customized solutions, Wordpress may not be right for you. Plugins can only take you so far, and the constant need for updates and a limited data structure can cost you more in the long run than a fully customized web application. However, most small businesses can start with WordPress and invest in a custom web application when companies demand it.

Get ready to hire several WordPress developers over the next two years to fix your site until you get to the point where you're so exhausted that you hate the idea of having a website entirely. Programmers and hackers love to mess with WordPress to try to break your site and use it for their own purposes. WordPress is also known to mess with the sitemap due to its category system and special labeling that creates duplicates. This is a great way to find out how much value a paid plugin could add to your WordPress site or not.

Wordpress developers basically choose a theme (probably chosen by thousands of developers) that is the basic design of the website and use plugins to add functionality. But when you can take full advantage of what WordPress has to offer, it can be an exceptionally powerful tool. More than half of my clients come to me after having experienced the nightmare of working with WordPress. In particular, you'll need to hire a WordPress expert who can set up the environment and do the rest of the work, so it can even cost you almost the same as custom web development.

But no matter what website we create, these are the main plugins that we use and recommend to all WordPress websites. WordPress CMS is a very popular platform due to its simplicity and is a perfect solution for blogs and simple company websites. So if you imagine your business growing, WordPress is definitely not the best technology option for website development. Themes are literally chosen from a catalog, which means that your website is likely to look like any other Wordpress website, it's not good if you are a company looking to stand out.

In my opinion, WordPress is not something I suggest for people with limited technological skills, or for those who have never had a website before. The WordPress backend is so confusing, so annoying and frustrating, that all my customers refuse to try to edit it on their own after their first attempts.

Wilson Szafranski
Wilson Szafranski

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