Which wordpress theme is best for blogging?

If you are looking for a WordPress theme that will allow you to do everything, and you find it easier to do it, then Extra is my best recommendation. Thrive Theme Builder is a sophisticated page builder Wordpress theme that combines the page building aspects of Thrive Architect with powerful theme options and theme building capabilities. That is, with Thrive Theme Builder, you can customize the key elements of the theme, such as your 404, search and archive pages, as well as the layout of your blog page. Bloggers will love the ability to customize their sites from scratch without having to use code, but the things that really make Thrive Theme Builder special are its marketing capabilities.

Read our review of Thrive Theme Builder. Given its ease of use right out of the box and the scope of customization, OceanWP could be the ideal WordPress theme for blogs. In addition, there is no premium version, so you have the full set of features at your disposal. However, some of the extensions have an attached cost, but of course there is no obligation to use them if your budget is small.

Cenote comes with a library of nine demos ready for blogging (three of them are free). Demonstrations cover many purposes, such as fashion, technology, health, charity or interior. If you are looking for flexibility and variation in the design, you can try this theme. The fact that you can customize it with your favorite page builder is also an advantage.

This theme is perfect for many types of blog sites, simply because it is clean enough for simple blogs, but also extensible for more complex sites. Unlike many of the tracks on this list, Hemingway doesn't have a premium version. This makes it a good option for bloggers with a limited budget. This theme will have your blog up and running in no time.

Its minimalist aesthetic is attractive to incorporate long publications and beautiful images. Given its simplicity, it is to be expected that there will be a premium version available. However, Lovecraft includes all its features ready to use. By Nate Drake, Steve Paris last updated 18 April 22 Baskerville 2 (opens in a new tab) is a good topic to start blogging.

You can easily add text, images and videos, and create attractive pages, even with standard settings. A custom menu is located just below the header, making it easy to subdivide your blog into easy-to-navigate sections. As you would expect for a modern theme, it's fully responsive and looks great on any screen it looks on. Of course, you can modify the theme to make it feel more unique to you, alter the background, change colors, display the sidebar of pages, choose between three different widgets for the footer, among other options.

Baskerville 2 comes with three page templates. You can add galleries, modify the dimension of the header and you can also add a logo to the site. Best of all, Baskerville 2 is free to use, which is perfect, especially if blogging is still a hobby for you, for now. Another free option is Hemingway (opens in a new tab).

This is a very simple theme with only a handful of customization features, but its purpose is to showcase your blog in a clean way, offering the reader a generous amount of white space. It's responsive and retina-ready to ensure the best experience on any device, and it has a customizable full-width header with support for parallax scrolling to make your page feel modern and fresh. If all you focus on is writing and you don't care about things like images or videos, then Typology (opens in a new tab) might be the topic for you. Similar to Hemingway above, his focus is on creating a minimalist site to show your words above all else.

But of course, you can also add images and videos if you want, which simply enriches the look of the page, rather than distracting you from it. Jevelin is a simple wordpress blog theme. It works at a top-notch level as a blog with deep customization capabilities and an intuitive visual page creation process. Below you will find 12 of the best WordPress themes for blogs.

Typology is an incredible minimalist design theme for bloggers. Features rich, eye-catching colors, in contrast to white space and clear typography. The obvious focus of this theme is the impressive typography. Divi by Elegant Themes is one of those rare WordPress blog themes that can basically do anything.

It is equipped with almost infinite possibilities. Built-in drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create your own layouts, pages and templates. It is equipped with more than 46 different content models that you can insert on different pages or even blog posts. For example, you'll be able to add items such as a portfolio item, pricing table, email forms, audio players, and much more.

If you want maximum freedom when creating your site, then Divi could be the blog theme for you. If you still don't want to spend money on your theme, Hemingway can be a great option. This free WordPress blog theme is simple and offers a lot of white space. It's equipped with a 2-column layout, a large custom header image, and even the sleek parallax scrolling feature.

When creating blog posts with this theme, you'll also be able to choose from 4 different blog post formats. Since this theme is so simple, it looks good on any screen size and always gets readers to focus on its content. If you want a simple but flexible theme, try eleven40 Pro. This theme is a great option if you want that “blog” look with the ability to hyper-customize your site to reflect your personality.

The theme has multiple customization features, including 48 homepage layouts and 19 options for the header. With hosting, saying you get what you pay for is always true, so managed WordPress hosting is your only option if you're looking for performance. It is a fully responsive and retina-ready theme that adapts not only to blogs, but is currently boosting its e-commerce capabilities, for example. Finally, I don't really understand how theme prices work because I'm new to this, but I'll prefer a theme where it's a one-time payment and you don't have additional costs that go up at some point.

This includes choosing from multiple header and blog page layouts, as well as customizing typography, colors and more in a theme options panel. Reader is a modern approach to classic blog design that many of the other MyThemeShop themes tend to use. I see that you're already using the Sparkling theme, which is an amazing WordPress theme and the best part is that it's a completely free theme. For a simple blog theme, you would need an SEO plugin (SEO by Yoast), a caching plugin for performance optimization (W3 Total Cache) and maybe a contact form (contact form).

Overall, this responsive design theme is easy to use on both computers and mobile devices and offers your visitors a solid reading experience, while still giving a creative touch. If you're a lifestyle or fashion blogger looking for a place to store all your content in a focused design with crisp fonts, Olsen is the perfect theme for you. This classic blog layout uses a sidebar by default, but the theme has a full-width template that you can use. It's perfectly fine to start with a free theme while you understand how WordPress works and while you publish your first post, but keep these things in mind when you start to spend more time designing your blog.

It has a built-in page builder that has become one of the most popular page builders available for WordPress. Multilingual support is not a problem today either because there is a plugin like WPML (premium) that allows you to translate any WordPress website into as many languages as you want. . .

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