Why wordpress is most popular cms?

This is probably the main reason why wordpress is the most popular CMS. First of all, it can be downloaded and used for free, so you'll save money right from the start. It is also the most popular CMS on the market, powering 65.2% of the websites whose CMS we know. That translates to 42.4% of all websites, almost half of the Internet.

There are a lot of CMS tools available, but the most popular one is WordPress. According to W3 Technologies, Wordpress powers 65.1% of all websites that use a CMS. And, according to Automattic Inc., WordPress powers more than 34% of the web, a figure that increases with each passing day. With such a high market share, it is one of the most popular web programs for publishing content worldwide.

Everything from simple business websites to blog sites, complex portals and business websites, and even applications, are built with WordPress. Keep reading to learn what a CMS is and why WordPress is the most popular CMS today. The CMS has been used by some of the biggest companies and they will continue to do so because there is no other CMS available that offers everything that WordPress does. In case something goes wrong with your article, even after intensive editing, the “Preview” feature in WordPress gives you the option to scan your entire article, before clicking “Publish”.

WordPress helps you automatically convert blog posts into RSS feeds and distribute them to various blog directories and websites. The self-hosted version of WordPress is excellent for users who value high flexibility, customization and plan to scale their websites in the future. Many web developers can attest to the fact that website development is incredibly fast with WordPress. Even if you have no coding experience and have never used WordPress before, you can quickly learn CRM in a short period of time and be competent enough to manage the content of your website yourself.

WordPress has several default widgets, such as files, gallery and recent posts, and users can add more by installing plugins. The user interface of WordPress is simple without being minimal and focuses solely on ensuring that users have an easy time to navigate, edit, upload, delete and publish content. As mentioned above, WordPress supports the integration of third-party services into your website and, as such, makes available numerous APIs that you can freely integrate and use on your website. Not surprisingly, Beyoncé's website works with WordPress; the platform is incredibly popular with artists, photographers and musicians.

WordPress is the best platform for blogging, as it comes with a default blogging configuration that gives you various options such as categories, tags, author, spam solutions, widgets, comments, media, gravatars, and more. In addition, since WordPress is a robust CMS, where developers provide regular updates, the cost of maintaining a WordPress site is not high either. WordPress is an open source platform and accepts suggestions and contributions from developers around the world. WordPress is aware of the fact that building a website involves a lot of hard work, time and money and, as such, provides strong security measures to ensure that your site is safe from potential harm.

However, unlike WordPress, traditional websites are too cumbersome and slow to update, which could invariably affect the speed of your site. With tons of impressive features and tools, WordPress makes it easy for you to create, organize and publish content.

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