Will WordPress Survive the Test of Time?

Despite what the detractors write, WordPress is definitely not dead or dying. The platform continues to dominate the web in terms of market share and shows no signs of slowing down or being significantly surpassed by one of its competitors. It is a software from 15 years ago that has been kept up-to-date due to the promise of maintaining compatibility with previous versions. The plugins are a great asset and make it easy to customize. So, will WordPress die? - the answer is a resounding no.

For now, at least, WordPress isn't going anywhere. With the aging technology of WordPress, it may become obsolete at some point in the future. But for now, it remains a powerful content management system that is used by millions of people around the world. The open source nature of WordPress is one of the reasons why it will never die. As a free-to-use software, the number of users will continue to grow.

If you step away from the official support forum, there are dozens of blogs dedicated to WordPress managed by experts and developers that make it easy to get help. The closest threat to the WordPress domain is the fact that hackers are continually looking for loopholes that allow them to exploit sites based on the platform. From blogs and portfolios to e-commerce stores and e-learning sites, you can use WordPress to create anything you want through plugins and customization. And while the Gutenberg updates answered many questions, WordPress itself will undoubtedly continue to improve. One of the reasons why WordPress is an effective open source platform is the large community of users and developers. While it's true that WordPress has a lot of competition and uses older programming, the platform is still considered the most powerful content management system in the world.

Given these statistics that clearly show the constant slope of WordPress's success, it would be hard to imagine that such a system could take a hit. The rise of JavaScript has taken over the minds of web builders around the world, convincing them that WordPress is officially behind schedule. In addition to the tempting competition, people consider WordPress to be on the verge of a brutal death due to the use of old technologies. WordPress has strong customer support and a community of experts and enthusiasts, so whatever wall or dead end you find, you can find help and guidance right away. Successful hack cases mainly refer to negligence or lack of knowledge on the part of a user rather than the vulnerability of WordPress.

Although WordPress may have a bad reputation, there is no other content management system that can match its speed, efficiency, flexibility, adaptability and support. WordPress denied 40% of DMCA withdrawals: WordPress allows users a lot of freedom of expression and uses, edits and distributes the application in many ways. You need to know almost everything about HTML, CSS, sometimes JavaScript and, obviously, about the mechanisms of WordPress. So while it's true that WordPress may become obsolete at some point in time due to its aging technology, for now it remains one of the most powerful content management systems in existence. With its open source nature and strong customer support network, there's no reason why it won't continue to be used by millions around the world for years to come.

Wilson Szafranski
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