Will wordpress kill web development?

When you start out in web development, you might be intimidated because wordpress is one of the most common websites. But once you develop websites, you quickly learn that WordPress works with web designers and not against them. In reality, WordPress is promoting online development rather than killing it. While some developers may despise or dislike WordPress, we think it's one of the most stable platforms available.

You'll always need experienced web developers for something complicated, which you can't fix or develop yourself. This is an area that will not die for at least 15 to 20 years until Quantum Computers are manufactured and we can see a new world of possibilities. WordPress, template markets, GPT-3 that writes code, is web design and development a dying career? Let's weigh the pros and cons of this dilemma. Without a web designer, there won't be a killer brand identity.

Again, if you don't have knowledge of web design, you won't be able to transfer your idea to digital paper. Because of the unique vision inherent in artists, they can reveal the hidden possibilities of your concept that you may not even know about, and give your new advantage. In addition to that, they will help to convey a message of your brand to visitors quite efficiently. WordPress is just a tool to offer a range of solutions to customers.

And with everything being “Web 2.0”, static websites have lost their appeal to many. WordPress isn't ending web development, it's helping it by continuing to create new markets for web developers to specialize. Another example would be Elegant Themes, which created premium themes for WordPress but then created the Divi page builder. Once you start using WordPress, you'll immediately see that WordPress is working together with web designers, rather than against them.

This creates new markets where web developers can now extend from just WordPress to helping customers with themes, plugins or updates. In conclusion, ready-to-use websites are not killing web design, but rather helping web designers and developers by making their work easier, more profitable and valuable to their customers. WordPress is robust enough to support e-commerce websites and presentations, while still being simple enough that someone with minimal experience can install it. Web development isn't just about creating WordPress templates or a simple HTML site for a small local business.

The problem was that WordPress was complex enough that even though someone with very little web knowledge could install a WordPress website, that doesn't mean it's not powerful enough to handle things. It's a skill that requires years of experience and a natural eye for colors that complement each other. While a customer can install WordPress, they may not know how to fix things like a broken theme or a plugin. When you consider all the things WordPress does and what it is entitled to, you quickly discover that WordPress is only growing web design and development rather than killing it.

WordPress may be for some the doom of the Internet for a number of reasons, it does not change the fact that the web has changed. A lot of people believed that when WordPress first became popular, it would kill web developers, but in reality, WordPress helped them.

Wilson Szafranski
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